How to install newest version of pdf2djvu from source code in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit

Posted: 2015/10/04 in Ubuntu
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cd /tmp
sudo rm -rf pdf2djvu*
rm index*
wget --no-check-certificate
URL=`grep xz index.html |head -n 1|cut -d"\"" -f6`
wget --no-check-certificate`echo $URL`
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install aptitude build-essential unp checkinstall
sudo aptitude install libgraphicsmagick++1-dev libgraphicsmagick1-dev liblcms2-dev liblcms2-2
sudo aptitude install libexiv2-dev libgexiv2-dev libuuidm-ocaml-dev libuuidm-ocaml-dev libkexiv2-dev
sudo apt-get build-dep pdf2djvu
unp pdf2djvu-*.tar.xz 
cd pdf2djvu-*/
sudo ./configure
sudo make
sudo checkinstall
pdf2djvu --version
# Output of the last Terminal command should look similar to the following output:
# pdf2djvu 0.9.1
# + DjVuLibre 3.5.25
# + Poppler 0.24.5
# + GraphicsMagick++ 1.3.18 (Q8)
# + Exiv2 0.23
apt-cache show pdf2djvu
# Package: pdf2djvu
# Status: install ok installed
# Priority: extra
# Section: checkinstall
# Installed-Size: 1288
# Maintainer: root
# Architecture: amd64
# Version: 0.9.1-1
# Provides: pdf2djvu
# Description: Package created with checkinstall 1.6.2
# Description-md5: 556b8d22567101c7733f37ce6557412e

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